Mobile Marketing for Church: Does your church want a phone app?

church mobile app surveyI found this great blog called Christian Web Trends and it discusses a recent church mobile app survey and where churches and members measure up on this issue. Here’s a few highlights from the article:

  • The most important app features are: (1) news/announcements, (2) information about the church, (3) alerts, (4) map to church, and (5) evangelism tool
  • Users prefer a mobile app over using the mobile web
  • Larger churches (500 members or more) are more willing to purchase a phone app than smaller ones.

“Mobile App Survey Reveals What Church Members Want in an App”

I’m interested in finding out more information from the author, Paul Steinbrueck, about “evangelism tools” and church information. I think it would be pretty awesome to have a phone app to receive church updates and to make donations/offerings. What do you think? What types of church phone app would you want?


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About testifycomm

The CEO/Founder/Cheerleader for Testify Communications. As a student of the Bizdom U entrepreneurship program, the idea for this company was birthed. We help faith-based organizations (ex: Churches, Synagogues, Temples) effectively reach their members using text messaging and email. We also provide a secure online giving portal where members can make one-time or recurring gifts to various campaigns their organization may have going on. We help organizations use present-day technology to reach members and collect donations.
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